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i-Cartons HELP

CAUTION : bug with IOS 7.0,if you are already using i-Cartons save de database via iTunes, export it to your PC/Mac first (see procedure) then restore it

a) Your first pack

Step 1. Press Num, the first (or the next) pack number will be displayed

Step 2. Press Destination and chose destination room in the list, modify ("Modify" button) or create the room ("+" button).

Step 3. If you want, press origin and chose the pack's originating room in the list.

Step 4 : Press content and indicates the items you put in the pack, chosing in the list, or adding a new element (not in the list), with "+" button on the bottom. You may also take a picture with photo.

Note#1 : You may select as much item as you want in a pack;
Note#2 : You may go in sub-categories and tag level pressing fleche.
Note#3 : You choices are automatically saved

Step 5 : To process pack's filling, you can naviguate it with "Back" button (e.g : to move from sub-categories to categories) and in pack's items thanks to top menu : menu haut

Step 6 : When the pack is done : press "done", but you will still be able to come back and modfy it when you want.


b) Starting screen overview

The screen displays informations and content of the pack that is in progress. Button are used to fill the pack.

Pack's buttons :
-"N°"(number of the pack);
- "Destination" (of the pack, in the new location / storage place);
- "Origin" (of the pack, in the former location / storage place);
- "Content' (of the pack)
- Camera (to take a picture of the content)


Low end menu :
- Edit : to process the pack's information : #, Destination & Origin Room, content
- Lists : to modify rooms, categories, sub-categories or tags lists;
- Display : to display the content of packs according to several criteria
- Options : language, print, email, database (paid release);
- Search : items in the packs.


c) Give a number to a pack : 'N°' field

Press No, the first (or the next) pack number will be displayed

num det

Note 1 : When clicking on the yellow area (where the number is displayed), one can enter whatever number not yet used;
Note 2 : When the pack will be unpacked, thick the "unpacked" box. It will still remain in the database but may be distinguished from others pack thanks to the filtering.


d) Chose pack's Destination and Origin

- Choose the destination room by selecting from the list or adding an entry with "+" if the list is not complete

- Press Origin and choose the room of origin (optional) in the same way



e) Chose pack's content or tags

Step 1 : Press "Content" and select the Content in the lists, then on the low end buttons bar :

a) "Class Room" (default): presenting the categories of items proposed for the concerned destination room (e.g : Destination = Kitchen , Categorie Room = Linens, Supply...);
b) "Category complete" which displays all the categories of object


Step 2 : Chose (optional) sub-categories and tags per category, cliking on : fleche, ore)

Step 3 : Back with "back" button to chose other categories (and their sub-categories or tags) and tag (not related to a specific category) and end with "done".

Step 4 : Take a picture (optional) of pack content or objects ...

The tag : is an additional annotation which allows to describe an object or a box, (for example: clothing - for sale.)


f) Enrich lists content (room, content)

It is also possible to modify the pre-defined lists by 2 ways:
- enrich inside the input mode (buttons +, -, change), or
- in mode "Lists":


To create or modify categories associated to a destination : chose the destination first, then click on "content" and then on "Category room". The categories associated to the destination are displayed (with red tags list). It is possible to modify it or create new entries.

g) To view a content: Display menu

With display menu, one can show the content or the number of the desired pack :
- by number ( "N°"button);
- by Destination ( "Destination" button);
- by Origin ( "Origin" button)
- by Categories and sub-Catégories ("Categorie" button);
- by picture (Camera button) :


Note : if only pack N° or image is shown, just click on it to access the back content.


h) upgrade purchase and procedure

To upgrade the app (in order to create more than 10 or 70 packs), go to "Options" Menu and chose "Upgrade". After having upgraded the app, just go to Options Menu then "Restore previous purchase" to activate the upgrade and take into account your previous pack in the updated application.



i) Save, printing, emails, menu otion,

In "options" menu : change language, save, print, and send emails.

Save and synchronisation: database is automatcally saved and synced when connected to iTunes. Database name can be changed. Recover or share the database among devices via iTunes.

Detailed procedure to be soon translates (French release)

A-Save to iTunes procedure on PC/Mac :

Step 1) : stop the application process : double click on iPhone/iPad "welcome" button : the process are displayed (see screen below).

kill app

Step 2) : Click a while on one of the process, some red minus do appear. Press the one of i-Cartons application.

Step 3) Leave the default name ("dat") or chose a name in Options menu / Rename, in the example below the name

save-base ENG

Step 4 : Connect to iTunes (if it is not installed on your PC/Mac, install it : The base will automatically be saved on your PC when your device is synchronized.

partage itunes

Step 5) To save to another place, use "save as..."

B-Procedure to restore the database on the same device or on another device

To restore the database : the prerequesite is that there is no database on the device, this happens in two cases :

Case 1: You want to synchronize a device on which you already have used i-Cartons.

- If it is just to synchronize the data between your device and a PC/Mac, no need to restore the database, it will be synchronized automatically through iTunes sync.

- if the aim is to restore a DB that have been previously erased from your device, go directly to Case2.

- if the aim is to restaure another database than the one which is already in your device, you need first ot remove the old database by uninstall/reinstall the app after having previously saved it, here are the steps :

Step 1) Check that your app have been correctly synced throug iTunes (the app should appear on saved apps.
Step 2) Uninstall the app from you device (click several seconds on one of the app of your device, then click on black crosses related to i-Cartons.
Step 3) Sync you device on iTunes. In Apps tab, look for i-Cartons and thick the box :


Step 4) the app is uploaded into your mobile
Step 5) Restore the in-App purchase, in menu "options > Restore previous purchase", then go into Case 2, step 2.

Case 2 : You want to synchronize with a new equipment (your iPad, the iPhone of your friend).
You need to have the app installed via App store on this new device. You should not have created a new pack. The database will then be empty (if there is one, go to Case 1).

Step 1) Open iTunes, plug your device;
Step 2) Go into your device on Apps tab, and go down to the end of the window on "File sharing". Chose i-Cartons app. If the 2 device you want to synch. are on the same iTunes account, you can find the file to sync : <name of the file>.srp and pictures <picture>.jpg.

partage itunes
If this is another iTunes account, there should be nothing on this place, you have to upload the (.srp and .jpg files) on iTunes thanks to "Add.."

Step 3) If the database name have not been changed, his default name is dat.srp, then go to the next step, if not, rename the base for it to be the same has the one on iTunes (dat83.srp on the example before).

save-base ENG

Step 5) Still on Options menu; click on "Restore". You should get the confirmation message. If there is an error message it is likely because the 2 names (new name given, and the one of File sharing), therfore you need to remove the DB you don't want to restore (see above).



j) To filter pack according to their state (unpacked or not)

Filter button (visible in Display and Search menu) is used to display pack according to his state :
- Status 1 : No filter (by default)
- Status 2 : Filter pack being filled and/or not yet unpacked
- Status 3 : Filter packs unpacked :



k) Restore i-Cartons database on i-CartonsHD

If you have purchased the i-CartonsHD application for iPad and you already have created pack on iPhone (or iPad with i-Cartons application). Follow save procedure with i-Cartons then restore using i-Cartons HD thanks to Case2 restoration procedures on an "new equipment" to restore the packs on i-CartonsHD.


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