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2016/09/13 : New release has been submitted today to Apple to correct InApp Purchase, stay tuned

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The point : Who hasn’t wasted time looking for things in their storage cartons and boxes?

The solution : i-Cartons allows you to easily label/tag your moving and storage carton, with the content and destination. As household rooms (kitchen, living-room etc) and objects (linens, clothing, books etc), have defined names this makes the labeling of content and destination far easier.


This app allows you to enter easily the content of your packs / cartons thanks to pre-difined objects and rooms lists.


You can enter and visualize your packs content anywhere, anytime : they're on your smartphone or your tablet !

Release for iPad

Full iPad version is now available ! : the larger screen is really enhancing app experience : more visibility to select and visualize the data ... download it !



You keep your packs' contents on your smartphone, tablet, you can save/restore it on/from your PC/Mac, share it by email, print it. Even several monthes later, your data is available.

Application description

List of sub-categories allow one to create detailed object descriptions (sweaters, tablecloths etc) and tags/ labels with instructions and task ("day 1","to sort", "Daddy" etc). you can customize those lists entering new rooms, categories, sub-categories, tags or by taking photos.

Integrated search engines allow you to look for any object and find out which carton it is in. You can also number and label your cartons by their destination or originating room, category, sub-category, tag or picture.

You may save, print (to make labels) and email the description of selected cartons content.

No need to frantically search for items, that takes days to find or forget what’s in your cartons. With i-Cartons, invest a little time at the beginning to save a lot of time at the end !

Features : **********

•Creates cartons labelled with their destination and originating room, content and picture.

•For rooms, there are 22 pre defined types.

•For carton contents (categories, sub-categories, tags) :

•Adding new entry feature (rooms, content) while processing a carton or in a configuration menu;

•Reusing new entry in the pre-defined list;

•Pre-defined categories are proposed for destination rooms (e.g : for kitchen : linens, crockery, supply, battery of kitchen...);

•Tags can be used and created to give additional information (urgent, fragile...);

•Carton's status: filled/in progress or unpack;

•Carton search :

•Print a carton, all carton, destination, origin and content (for label or paper listing);

•Send by email a carton, all cartons, destination, origin and content;

•Use filter for carton status for search, print or emailing (packed / unpacked).

•Language selection French / English

•10 cartons limit (free release)

•Paid versions :

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